I run on coffee, dry shampoo, and LIPSTICK

As everyone who knows me I am lipstick obsessed... To the point where I usually have 5-7 lip products in my purse at a time (one time there was 13. Sorry not sorry). Last I counted I had 10 red lips just in case.


A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to work Kismet Cosmetics for the launch of their new FIXED Foundation. Kismet, is a local cosmetic line with a ton of lipsticks. I had been curious about the company for a while but hadn’t had the chance to try them yet. It was so great getting to meet the owner and learn all about the company; cruelty free, made in the USA, natural ingredients. Besides lipsticks of every application type and finish, they have an amazing lash growth serum that can rival R+F, a bronzing body butter, lip scrubs, mascara and eyeliner, and bath bombs. All some of my favorite things. 


So clearly I had to go a little crazy and order a ton of lippies!!! I have been extremely happy with every lipstick and gloss I’ve gotten.. And as many as you know, I’m not the biggest gloss fan; I prefer a matte liquid lip. It gets in my hair and face while doing blowouts and chasing a toddler. But these aren’t super sticky!

BUFF Sugar Lip Scrub

BUFF Sugar Lip Scrub

Before I show and tell all of the lippies. We have to prep our lips with BUFF Sugar Lip Scrub. Kismet offers this all-natural sugar scrub formula in 7 delicious scents. Naturally I picked LEMON TO MY CELLO. I’ve tried other lip scrubs; ones that are too rough, ones that are too oily, and this one is just right for me. Just rub a little on your lips, scrub, and lick or wipe it off. Now you’re ready to do your lipstick.

VELVET Traditional Lipstick

VELVET Traditional Lipstick

I feel like I haven’t work lipstick from a traditional tube in forever! But these colors and velvety soft formula are everything. The VELVET Traditional Lipstick collection has semi-matte and metallic finishes and moisturizes your lips while you wear it. There are so many colors to choose from, I already have the rest of them in my shopping cart. 

The colors shown from top to bottom: 

NAKED GYPSY- A true nude with a slight hint of pink. This is a little too nude for my ultra fair skin to be worn alone, but I like it with a gloss.

BELOVED- A warm nude. This will be my go to color for the fall months.

HEY BABY- Mauve with a metallic shimmer shade. It is universally flattering since it was developed for the LSU Golden Girls.

ROSY POSY- A pink that is the perfect in between of bright pink and baby pink.

PRECIOUS RUBY- Red with a metallic shimmer. Perfect for the holidays.

BURNOUT- A red with blue undertones.. Such a classic color.

SUCCULENT Liquid Lipstick

SUCCULENT Liquid Lipstick

If an opaque lipstick and a lip gloss had a baby, it would be this! This SUCCULENT Liquid Lipstick collection is to die for. I will admit that it is hard to wear on busy days where I am doing a lot blowouts. But on date nights this is my go to. I love the all over coloring and the glossy texture. It has just the right amount of sticky that it easy to wear all day long.

The colors shown from top to bottom:

LINGER- A neutral shade of brown.

ELOPE- A pinky brown.

CLASSIC- A pinky nude.

COME PLAY- A bright orchid pink.

MOMENT- A deep red.

POLISHED Lip Plumping Gloss & SUEDE MATTE Liquid Lipstick

POLISHED Lip Plumping Gloss & SUEDE MATTE Liquid Lipstick

I’ve always stayed as far away as physical possible from lip plumpers... There was this one incident during a hurricane evacuation in Houston that involved “Lip Venom” gloss and a badddd allergic reaction.. My mom still talks about it regularly. Consider my lesson learned.

My very first Kismet product was a gloss called REALLY PRETTY. It had been highly recommended to me and I want told it was one of their most popular colors. I was so excited because just like it’s name, “it’s like really pretty!” I wore this lip gloss for 3 days straight before I realized it was a lip plumping gloss!! The natural collagen peptide complex plumps your lips without that burning tingling feeling others have. These are now my everyday lip products. Nice sheer color that’s lightly sticky enough for coffee, lunch, and running errands.

The colors shown from top to bottom:

REALLY PRETTY- A true neutral.

BABY- A shiny nude with the slightly hint of pink.


I’ve been very outspoken about my love of matte liquid lipsticks. Sadly this is the one Kismet lip line that I have the least about of. But since I’ve been so obsessed with everything else I forgot to get other SUEDE Matte Liquid Lipsticks. Don’t worry I already have them in my shopping cart waiting for me to press “complete order”

Color shown on bottom: 

EVERYTHING- A light peachy pink.

Kismet Cosmetics offers so much more than the lipsticks shown above and is an all around great product line.

If you are interested in learning more purchasing click the link and tell them Courtney Pittman Beauty sent you. You wont be disappointed!


XOXO, Courtney